I love creating custom work for my clients!  Custom paintings make up a great percentage of what I paint.  Currently I have a 2 year waiting list for custom work so if you’re interested in commissioning a piece, please contact me right away and I will get back with you as soon as possible.

Prices are flexible based on the subject matter requested.  Extremely detailed and involved paintings with several elements or people will be more expensive.  Otherwise, the prices may be lower than the estimated prices below.  The best way to determine what the price of your work will be is to contact me so we can discuss what you’re looking for.  The prices below are average estimates based on size.  The size can be bigger or smaller according to your preference.

If you’d like to speak with Abraham about custom work, please click here to email him or call him directly at (618) 364-5344.

Commissioned Work Example

Peace on Earth

peace-on-earthCustom Work created for James & Susie Dixon Christmas 2012